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Men’s Prayer Breakfast 
every other Friday
@ 6:30am – 7:30am
Upcoming Dates:
Feb. 11 & 25
Mar. 11 & 25
Apr. 8 & 22
May 6 & 20 
for more info
contact Ben Anderson
or call the church office

Men’s Wednesday Night Bible Study at 6:30 pm
Currently on Break

Our goal is to engage with Christ in his word,

to encourage one another
to equip ourselves in sharing the Gospel of Jesus!

We begin again on September 23rd. During the last year we have been studying the gospel of Luke. Last May we stopped at the 18th chapter. We will begin again reviewing the story of the “Blind Beggar” Luke 18:35-43.

Jesus has been spending over two and a half years ministering and teaching the crowds. He has revealed himself as to who he is by his mighty works and teaching with authority, but very few believe in him! Even the disciples have their doubts. He is known as “Jesus of Nazareth”. Along comes Jesus and a blind beggar of Jericho hears that Jesus is passing by and into the face of the crowd, who tells him to be quiet, he cries out with his blind eyes, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” His cry is a confession of faith that Jesus is not just from Nazareth but that he is the Messiah, the Son of David. They probably shoved him down into the dirt until Jesus said bring him here!

The greatest miracle happened, one minute the man was a blind beggar, confined to the roadside and now he is able to see and walking with the Master of the universe with every step for the rest of his life into eternity!

Please join us this coming Wednesday! We meet in the east fellowship hall.

Questions for Discussion;

1.  Think about these words, “Jesus of Nazareth was passing by”, How have we let Jesus pass us by? What do we want from Jesus?


2.  “Those who led the way rebuked the blind man and told him to be quiet”…how has your environment/people at work, or your community, or your church, told you to be “quiet”?

Why do you want to speak out? Why did the blind man want to speak out?
3.  How much are people praising God these days?